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Join an 8th grade American History class in Liberty, Missouri as they read the historical novel "The Year of the Hangman" and ask what would have happened if the Patriots would have lost the American Revolutionary War....

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Instructions for Posting to the Blog

Hello! Are you ready? I can't wait to get started with this blog. As I write this on the night before the book blog for The Year of the Hangman starts we a great group of participants - besides the 60+ students at South Valley Junior High in Liberty, Missouri we have readers from Nebraska, Minnesota, Conneticut and New York. I hope everyone has a great time with reading and discussing this book.

Each week during the four week time period we will suggest reading a certain number of chapters and several questions relating to the novel. We hope each particpant will make at least one comment each week. You are welcome to post as many comments as possible and not only reply to the orignial question, but any comment on a question as well. Our hope is to create an online conversation about this novel.

Commenting on the blog is easy. Follow these easy steps:

  • To leave a comment about a question please click on the comment link at the bottom of the blog entry.
  • You can read other comments on the left side of the screen.
  • You can type your comment in the text box on the right of the screen.
  • After typing your comment please select "OTHER" for an identity. You need to only fill out the NAME portion, just leave the WEBSITE blank.
  • Special note on what to type for your name - DO NOT USE YOUR FULL NAME. Any entries with a full name will not be published on the blog. Please use only your first name and possibly an initial for your last name. Example - John Anderson would just be "John A". You are also free to add your location to your name since we have people all over the world - example "John A in Liberty".
  • Next, please type in the word verification key as it appears above. This is to ensure that a person is responding to the blog entry and not a computer program creating SPAM.
  • Your comment will not appear immediately. It will be sent to the moderator of the blog and once it is approved it will be posted.

If you have any questions about posting or what to expect on this book blog please e-mail the moderator, Mr. Langhorst at

Thanks and lets get this thing started. This should be an exciting journey........


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